Sunday, November 26, 2017


Oh yes I am! If you know me well in real life, you probably know that I cannot go a day without a shot of coffee. It might sounds severe but it’s true. My brain doesn't stimulate the way I want it if I don't shower my body with coffee. So, if you ask me what is my favourite thing/food? I would vividly say, coffee. I know it’s not some type of food but hey, to me as long as it is edible that’s food. 

There’s a thing in this amazing i-called-food drink that makes me come back for more. The first coffee I had when I was 15 was the Ice Latte from Starbucks. Ever since then, it got me hooked up right away! That is my definitely go-to-drink at Starbucks. However, my favourite coffee of all time would be from Old Town, the classic white coffee. The aroma is so tempting, consistency just nice - not too thick yet not too creamy and oh boy! the taste is just so good that somehow gives me a weird affection towards it. I am addicted!

It’s just like drinking tea and juices, your mind and body are just relaxed and at ease. The strong acidity smell of the coffee beans, the aroma of the coffee while you making it and the drizzle sound of the coffee while bruising are just therapeutic. First sip of the coffee will close your eyes and fly away all of your thoughts on your mind. Coffee is just good as it served hot or cold. 

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If you were to ask me what is the best combination to go with coffee? I would say my preference is with something crunchy like toast and smoothie. History wise, coffee is claimed to be originated from different countries and I believe it's true. Each country has its own special kind of coffee. As a Malaysian, I love our local coffee especially from Ipoh. 


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I'm Nad, signing off. 

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  1. waaaa. i am coffee lover too. I really love mocha and latte caramel. So in love. huhu btw please. bole tolong Lisa tak?


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